REAL Okinawan Tea FROM Okinawa!


Unlike other tea sold on the internet as Okinawan tea which may or may not come from Okinawa and is normally repackaged cheap green tea, our tea comes direct from Okinawa to your door in the original bags from the manufacturer with their Okinawan address, telephone number and Okinawan post marks!


Why Okinawa Tea?


Okinawa Tea has been drunk by the Okinawans for centuries and is partly responsible for the incredible life span of Okinawan people.

Not only has it been shown to aid in weight loss but it is also an incredibly healthy drink protecting and helping prevent many illnesses.


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Okinawa Tea Bags

Our Okinawan Tea Bags

Each bag makes a MASSIVE 1 whole LITRE of Tea!

100% Organic & Natural


Our tea is not a Chinese import grown in polluted soils. All our tea is grown in the Northern parts of Okinawa in the clean, semi-tropical climate.

All our tea has the origin and manufacturer on the bags and comes from reputable Japanese stores in Okinawa or direct from the manufacturer.

Most Okinawan tea on the internet is either re-packaged Chinese tea of inferior quality or is re-pacakged low quality Okinawan tea.

Make sure when you buy you have proof that the tea you are buying is Okinawan!




How to Order...

We currently have two different Okinawan teas for you to order.

Unlike other suppliers we don't mess around with extra postage charges and discounts we just give you the lowest price per bag. That way you can easily see the total price and can try two different teas for a great low price.

If you do want to order more than 5 packets of tea (can be mixed) then please email us and we will arrange a further discount.

All our prices are in Yen with the exact postage calculated based on weight at checkout. We're honest about our postage and don't charge any extra than what it costs us on top.



Tea 1 - Okinawa Tea Bags

These are our massive 1 Litre tea bags. These are great if you want to make a massive 1 litre of tea. Great either hot or make a pitcher and put it in the cooler. A fresh sanpin aroma and very easy to make.

Check the order page for different package sizes (Image is for info only and number of tea bags will depend on size ordered)



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Okinawa Tea Bags

Tea 2 - Okinawa Loose Tea

This tea is our regular green loose tea. Each bag contains 100g of the finest Okinawan tea. It has a wonderful smooth jasmine flavour.

Contains 100g of Okinawa Tea.



We are currently redesigning our product offering and website. If you have any enquiries in the meantime please email us .



Okinawa Green Loose Tea