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We sell only the best Okinawa bags and loose tea


We specialise in only the finest Okinawa sanpin tea shipped direct from the island of Okinawa. Don't be fooled by cheap Chinese tea sold as Okinawan. All our tea ships direct from Okinawa in the manufacturer's bags and is not repackaged. This ensures that you are getting genuine tea and can be easily verified yourself by checking the manufacturer's phone number and address on the back of the packet. All our postal bags also have an Okinawan post mark!

Okinawa Loose Tea

This tea is our regular green loose tea. Each bag contains 100g of the finest Okinawan tea. It has a wonderful smooth jasmine flavour.

Loose Okinawa Jasmine Tea

Okinawa Tea Bags

These are our massive 1 Litre tea bags. Great either hot or make a pitcher and put it in the cooler. A fresh sanpin aroma and very easy to make.

Loose Okinawa Jasmine Tea

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Select the tea you like from the choices above. We pack your tea and send out your order on the 1st of each month
You can cancel at anytime, as long as you remain a member we'll send you a new pack of tea every month
Orders are sent via Airmail and will fit through your letterbox without a signature. Normal delivery time is 7-10 working days worldwide
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Question : What is Okinawa Sanpin Tea?
Answer : Okinawa Sanpin Tea is a type of jasmine green tea that is very popular in Okinawa. There are many types of green tea however various studies and reports have shown that this particular type of green tea only grown in Okinawa is especially beneficial for health and weight loss. Experts believe it is one reason why Okinawans live such long and healthy lives.

Question : Where is Okinawa?
Answer : Okinawa is part of Japan and is a semi-tropical island with the East China Sea on one side of the island and the Pacific Ocean on the other. It is about 1000 miles from Tokyo. The climate makes it perfect for growing this wonderful tea as well as other tropical foods such as pineapple. It is also famous in food circles for Habu Sake, a special kind of sake that contains the Habu snake inside the bottle!

Question : Is Okinawa Tea Safe?
Absolutely. The key benefit of buying tea from us is that it comes from Japanese suppliers in Okinawa and is the same tea sold in Okinawan supermarkets. That means it has to meet all the strict Japanese government health and food safety controls. It is 100% natural and it's true Okinawan source is clearly marked on the packets reassuring you that you are getting true Okinawan tea and not repackaged cheap Chinese tea that may be grown in contaminated soil. When buying Okinawan tea on the internet check that it comes from Okinawa and has the manufacturer name and telephone number stamped on the packet! All our tea has the manufacturers name and telephone number to prove it comes from Okinawa! We do not buy cheap tea and then re-package it unlike some suppliers!

Question : Are you affiliated with any other Okinawan diet or tea websites?
No. We are independent and actually based in Okinawa.
We contend that our tea is the best on the internet. It is not repackaged with our brand name so you know that you are getting Okinawan tea. It will be shipped from Okinawa in the original manufacturer's bags with their name, address and telephone number. To the best of our knowledge NO OTHER Internet Tea Seller can offer that!